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  • Are flags sold individually?
    Unfortunately, we're unable to offer individual flags options. Our flags are sold in packs of twelve to serve the needs of teams.
  • What colors do your flags come in?
    Our flags are available in Red and yellow. Each pack of twelve sold will have all red or all yellow flags.
  • What are the product dimensions?
    Belts are 2? x 46? (5.5cm x 117cm). One belt will fit up to a 41? (104cm) waist but our flags are designed to fit all frames because multiple belts can be attached together or wrapped around a smaller waist. Our belts can be just as easily used in elementary school as they can be used by players in an adult league.
  • How are flags attached to the belts?
    Flags can be attached anywhere along the belt because we run the loop material along the entire length of the product. This allows users to quickly and easily re-attach their flags to the belt in the middle of a game.
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